Hey guys. There was a recent (and somewhat heated) discussion about zbuffers on the TSR forums and I mentioned about how Transmogrifier and blueprint handle auto-generation of the zbuffers by using a template file. Some people wanted a copy of these so I thought I’d post the files here. Below are images of what they look like (grab the zip file below with the BMP images, don’t save these jaggy JPEG versions). The first is for near images, the second for far images. Basically a zbuffer is generated from the colour pixels in the image compared to these templates using the colour index and a blend of the two images as a value. It’s not rock solid and things like chairs and such get a little messed up, but if you can use these in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to your advantage, then by all means good luck on your creations!

blueprint 2 generates the zbuffers from the 3D images now based on actual 3D depth values so it’s pretty much dead on accurate. Hope this helps! You can find the zbuffer file here. It contains 6 bitmap (BMP) files, 3 for near images and 3 for far images (in each zoom level). Enjoy!