Well a few people have the new Sims expansion pack, Hot Date, in their errr… hot little hands now. There seem to be some initial problems with skins and special add-ons breaking (like the nude patch). I think this should be expected. Looking at Hot Date, it’s the penultimate expansion pack in the sense that it modifies gameplay and provides a whole new world (the downtown area) to build and play in. I think this is the expansion pack that everyone has been waiting for (much like the Age of Kings expansion pack for AOE II was) so I hope there are a lot of happy people out there.

Of course I’m not one of them yet. Like the leech from the dark undergrowth, I’m hoping Maxis sends me a copy as they did with the previous expansion packs (hint hint). Why am I so arrogant in expecting this? I’m not. I don’t expect it, but I do hope they do. I think I’ve invested a fair amount of time (every day for the past 2 years) into the game, promoting it, writing utilities, disbounding myths, etc. so I hope I get a copy. Otherwise I’ll pick one up this weekend at the store.

From what I’ve heard, there have been some pretty big changes and almost every file gets replaced or touched during the install (hence the need for 600mb of disk space). My biggest concern has been that of changing file formats. I’ve been begging and pleading with Maxis to indicate yay or nay on this, but they’ve been slow in responding to me and haven’t answered my queries on HD yet. So there might be some lead time in being able to run utilities I’ve written for The Sims with Hot Date. If you do have HD please let everyone know (and me) if my apps work (SimExplorer, ObjectCloner, FarEdit, etc.). Hopefully there won’t be too many updates I have to do. I had hoped to get a preview copy so I could get the updates out to you this week but things didn’t work out that way.