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Month: November 2001 (Page 3 of 9)

Taking the night off. It’s been snowing here all day so I’m off to make snow angels. Beats the hell out of making dirt angels. I always end up getting gravel in my underoos. Catcha later.

Hi guys!

Lets kick off the weekend with a software update! I’ve updated my SIFBuilder program to version 2.0.0. This version adds a few new cool features that should be useful to all object creators (at least that’s the intent). Information is now read from the IFF files and automatically put into your SIF file. Less typing all around when entering information for your objects. A quick “Save” button that will export automatically based on the filename of the IFF file (with a SIF extension) and other goodies. Below is the screenie from the latest version and you can grab it from the SIFBuilder page here. Enjoy!

Just a quick note here. Patrick Barrett from Maxis posted a message on the TSR forums about an “official” Maxis tool that’s coming out to handle sub-categories and flagging objects for downtown. Unfortunately there was some mixup at Maxis so it’s not available for this SimDay but watch for it. He also mentioned about not using MenuEditor to flag objects as being available for visitors (like some people are doing). On this point I have to agree with him. MenuEditor was written pre-Hot Date and there have been some changes in their file formats since then. You may not see problems with changing Hot Date objects immediately but over time this could change (some people report an error message when they save the menu). I’m working on updated versions of everything right now and a new version MenuEditor is part of this update. So for Hot Date users, I would suggest not using MenuEditor for now, pre-HD users are fine (this would be true for the official Maxis menu editor as well since it was built pre-Hot Date too).

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with getting tools out to support Hot Date so why would I be any exception. Below is a preview of my ObjectFiler program. Supports putting objects into the various category and sub-categories, making them available for the downtown and, as usual it’s multi-lingual and supports all the languages The Sims does. Sorry for the long loading times. Those dang animated GIF files just gobble up bandwidth don’t they?

PS If someone wants to provide me with the translations for the labels below, I’ll incorporate it into the release. The lists are loaded from the Sims files so they’re already translated, but the other ones are not so I can make those change with the language as well. Just send me an email with the English->[Your Language] translation as it’s listed below (Object List, Room Flags, etc.). Thanks!

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