Gadzooks Batman! Just when you think you have everything covered… sigh. I did a compile of blueprint on my Windows 2000 machine today and everything was fine. Then I haul it across the ether to my Win98 box and *BOOM*. Errors left, right and centre and weird internal compiler errors (the type that Microshaft want you to call them about). Same compiler, same code, just doesn’t like my application under Win98. Stupid, stupid Microsoft. So I’m spending the rest of night patching code to make it compile (and probably run) correctly under Win98 vs Windows 2000. Then of course it’s off to the W2K machine to see what happens then. Sheesh. I guess next week I’ll just start the whole process over again with XP. Someone remind me to write an operating system that doesn’t completely change it’s architecture every few months.

I hate Microsoft.

I also get a bad feeling like I’m stuck in Groundhog Day. You know the movie with Bill Murray and a small, furry marsupial? On the way home yesterday I’m walking my regular way and lo and behold I slip and fall on the ice (snow, whatever you want to call that cold white stuff). The fall was pretty spectacular but it all played out in slow-motion. I didn’t get hurt and brushed myself off and went along my merry ol’ way. Then today I’m coming home and yup, you guessed it, I slipped and fell in the same spot. Same slo-mo replay in my head too. If this is Groundhog Day then I’m going to be spending the next few months re-writing blueprint and reveal it to you tommorow with a completely new interface and export engine that will support all the Sim games every written now and forever. Either that or I’ll finally learn to play the piano. What does any of this have to do with The Sims? Nothing, move along citizen.

End of todays rant. We now return you to your regularly scheduled commentary.