Hi guys. A couple of updates.

I’m putting out a release to the testers this weekend of the new modeller for blueprint 2 (i.e. blueprint without the additional Sims type programs). The modeller is pretty much done (except for bug fixes and such) and features a lot of great stuff for complex 3D modelling including all that cool crap like vertex editing, face extrusion, etc. etc. Of course that means a whack of new tutorials to help you understand it but hopefully this is the step to make blueprint a high-quality editor for creating new objects. Anyways, I was going to post a screenshot but there’s not much new to see (in fact the user interface has been cleaned up and everything is run from a single popup menu now).

Also the SimFreaks gurus have setup blueprint in it’s own domain name thingy here (not sure if you notice or not). So in the future please update your bookmarks to point to http://blueprint.simfreaks.com instead of the current URL. Thanks and have a great weekend!