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Day: December 22, 2001

Just a quick note. I found out the full source code to Quake II has been released (John Carmack, whom I have almost as much respect for as Will Wright, released the Quake I source last year). Not that this is Sim news, but another great commercial game is out there under the GPL. Just wish they’d release at least the original Sim City or some Sim games under the GPL. Now THAT would be cool. You can find the Quake II source on most game file servers (File Planet, etc.) just good luck in finding a mirror that has a copy you can grab without waiting until New Years for it to download. Hmm.. time for SimQuake?

Hope you’re having a good Christmas. The malls are nuts out there so if you need to shop, don’t. Congrats to Blaine who yesterday correctly identified the quote from my news post as being from “Army of Darkness” (or Evil Dead 3 if that’s your thing). Blaine receives a complimentary visit to this website and all the wonderous advantages that go along with it.

I’m not quite sure if I’m going to have things ready for Christmas at this point. I don’t have an issue with working the next couple of days but my names not Scrooge so my testers are bathing in the luxury they call family life (I traded my family in for a DVD burner a few years ago). So there won’t be a lot of time for testing and there are still a few things to work out. Well, we’ll see how it goes. If not Christmas then New Years for sure because that’s a whole ‘nuther week. In any case, you’ll be scratching your head saying “What the hells a vertex??” soon enough.

If you want to take a sneak peek, the blueprint page here shows off the new version with your friend (and mine) the crappy deck chair that has been floundering on the internet (and in blueprint) for ages. Lighting isn’t the best in the screenshot, but in blueprint you have complete control over where the lights are (and what colour they are too) so you can play with it. Seeya!