Hi guys. Okay, two things for tonight.

First, the new blueprint will come along shortly in the new year (probably a week or two at the lastest). This is one of the main reasons I hate to give release dates because things come up and I can’t make them so I usually only give them when I’m sure of a date. With blueprint, I figured I had plenty of time between Christmas and New Years to get the final changes/fixes done and get it packaged up. Of course reality set in and there I was wasting visiting friends, running around shopping and generally being a normal citizen for a change. So sue me. In any case, it’ll be released shortly and you won’t be disappointed. Have I ever disappointed you before?

However, while I won’t be releasing blueprint for you I do have a verifiable kick-ass update to SimExplorer. Trust me, this is THE update you’ll want to get. I’ve basically been fixing things up lately and decided to give the program a spring cleaning while I was doing the update. My mind went wild and I started putting in gobs of features and things that people have been asking for. The new release for tommorow will feature the following:

  • New viewing capabilities, handles all Sim formats
  • New hex viewer for viewing unknown file types
  • Automatic detection of special IFF types like files that contain only strings
  • New text viewers
  • New image viewers with crop, pan, scale, etc.
  • On the fly conversion of binary skin formats to text and back again
  • Browse inside Far files
  • Select multiple objects and create new Far files
  • Archiving of objects, walls, floors, skins, etc. to any location (including zipping options)
  • Inplace editing of some attributes/files
  • Plus all the current features of viewing walls, floors, and other Sim content

To name a few. So stay tuned and if you’re not too inebriated tommorow then be sure to drop by and grab this update. Cheers!