Greets. After a full day of getting SimExplorer ready, unfortunately I just won’t make it before the new year (MST that is). Just too many things to do and not enough time (the story of my life). However it’ll be along shortly along with blueprint. In the meantime, here’s some animated eye-candy of the new version (SimExplorer that is). The program has two modes for viewing IFF files. Simple and Advanced (the animation toggles between the two). In simple mode, you basically get a similar display to what is already in the current version (however it’s been updated to allow you to browse multiple objects and graphical states of each object). In advanced mode, well, you get the kitchen sink and more. Every resource type is displayed and most are interpreted for you and displayed in a readable fashion (for example the PALT resources are displayed as a 16×16 grid of colours). I’ll be adding more and more resource types over the next few weeks after the release so eventually all resource types will be viewed in a happy-happy-joy-joy form (rather than a default HEX view that it currently flips to if there’s no special viewer available). In any case, this should be an object hackers dream as you can pick apart IFF files (and others) to your hearts content and maybe discover something hiding in those objects that you never saw before. Click on the image to see the full size version. Oh yeah, happy new year and all that jazz.