Hey guys. It’s update day today. I’ve uploaded the new ObjectEditor program for you to use. It’s a stand-alone version of the ObjectEditor that will come with blueprint 2 (and basically the same as the one from blueprint 1). This gives you a preview of the object while you’re editing it and lets you edit most properties of an object. Remember the object must be a writable IFF file on your hard drive. It cannot edit files that are embedded in Far files. Use Far Edit to extract them first. The program will support loading and saving Hot Date objects but does not edit the categories or downtown flags. I’m still testing that part (and there are other programs out there to do that). I’ll be updating some other programs today if I get a chance to be HD compatible, like the cloner and viewer.

Please note that when you install this program it defaults to a new directory (not the blueprint one). These programs need to be installed to a separate directory as they’re all using various versions of the same DLL files. Welcome to DLL hell. At some point they’ll all be the same version and there won’t be any issues, but for now just install them to their own directories. Thanks.