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Month: January 2002 (Page 1 of 8)

Forum Updates

Hola! Just a couple of quick updates this afternoon. I’ve done a few numbers on the forums. Basically I’ve opened up the features of the forums so you can now have sigs, post pictures and include links in your messages. I removed the features a few months ago (or maybe it was a year ago) after things got completely out of control. So the floodgates are open again but this doesn’t give you a license to spam. Be courteous, play nice, respect the rules, and have fun. I’ve also added an Announcements forum where I’ll post whatever major announcements go on (software releases, the latest DVD I bought, whatever) and started a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) forum. These are read-only so I’m the only one that can post to them, but they should be helpful. It saves me having to maintain another page on the site so please refer to it for the latest info and any problems you might be having. As usual, I’m only human so I’m prone to mistakes, errors, omissions and freaky stuff. If you find something missing or a problem feel free to email me.

Site update, software and Resident Evil movie

Hi guys. Just sitting here contemplating what to do with the site. I’m trying to move it to a more managable method of updating by moving everything over to DreamWeaver and using templates, but tonight I just don’t have the ambition to do it. Oh well. I’ll get to it sometime and they’ll be some updates to go along with that. I’m trying to get most of Scott McDonnell’s old site (The Sims toolbox) brought over here as well as some other technical documents on Sims files so this can be your one stop shopping spot for poking around inside files. I’m also going to put some other tools that are not complete yet. I know, that sounds silly and is more fluff than anything. More of a visual reminder to me to get them done.

blueprint dev is back in full swing after being a little lax in the past couple of weeks. Once the next beta/release candidate is delivered to the testers, I’ll post the new features and tutorials for the new version. They’ll also be a few other software updates in between there including the features I mentioned for SimExplorer. I want that program to be a central figure in servicing your Sim needs (besides object creation) so keep the suggestions pouring in. I try to put what I can into the programs from your ideas.

On the non-Sim side of things tonight, be sure to check out the Resident Evil movie site and grab the trailer for the movie. Resident Evil is one of my all-time fav games (next to The Sims of course) where you run about shooting zombies, beasties and things that go bump in the night and generally making a mess of Racoon City and the Umbrella Corp. Movie hits theatres March 15. It’ll probably be a flop, but it sure looks like fun. Hmm… rampaging zombies in The Sims. Now THAT’s an add-on I’d like to see!

Hi ho. Back from my weekend of ill-booten gotty (or is that ill-gotten booty?). Woke up and it’s -26 here. Sheesh. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to live in Canada. Although the nice thing about Calgary is that tommorow it’ll be +2 or something like that. Gotta love the power of the Chinook.

Just getting back on my Sim feet so nothing going on right now. One note that I’d like to pass along. Some smart person figured out my PayPal id and sent me some money. While this is certainly nice, I really don’t want anything for my efforts here in Simland. Trust me, there are much better things in the world to put your money towards so please don’t send anything (no this is not some reverse pyschological plea, it’s the real deal). I appreciate it but your letters of support are more than enough pay for this (and the letters from Hell are especially rewarding). Thanks.

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