Busy last couple of days for me. A few things to share with the class. Some Sim related, most not…

A service opened up last October that was going to go out and cache the entire internet, creating an internet library of sorts. Yes, Google caches pages and such, but this place was going to cache the entire internet everytime a site was updated. Didn’t matter who you were. Big or small. It would cache it for later retrieval. Okay, so now it’s February 2002 and I just find out about it. They have a funky service called WayBack that lets you surf the web as it was back then. With caching websites, they also modify the links so if you click on a link from a page back in 1996, it takes you to their version of that page. Okay, so what does this have to do with anything? Not much but I got to thinking. I’ve been spread on the net for the last 10 years or so, making a bunch of websites but they slowly evaporated from the net and in some cases, evaporated off my hard drive. So lo and behold, I entered www.simbabes.com/blueprint into the search engine and there was blueprint in 1999 staring me in the face. I also tried a few other sites like the old Simz online (anyone remember that?) and got to see what it looked like again. They also have a neat toolbar you can install in your browser that (among other useful things like looking up the stats/owner of the page you’re on) has a WayBack button which lets you see what the site looked like back in time. I installed it and started poking around on websites like TSR and The Sims.com and took a look at them how they were back in 1998. Pretty nifty. So if you’re interested in surfing the web the way it used to be, check out The Internet Archive site and plug in your favorite URL. Very neat.

Okay I’m going to discontinue FarEdit shortly with the next update to SimExplorer. I have a new FarExplorer program but looking it over, SimExplorer basically has the functionality it does. I just need to add the ability to extract and create Far files in SimExplorer and FarEdit/FarExplorer really isn’t needed. So I’ll get going on SimExplorer 2.2 at some point and add this functionality. I’m also adding new formats and resource types all the time and with the additional Far functionality in SimExplorer, this will hopefully be the ultimate Sims tool for content management. Keep your suggestions flowing in the forums too! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Lastly, just some info on my tainted comic book past. A few people have been asking or wondering what that’s all about. Basically years and years ago (about 15) I used to draw comics for a living. My work was published in some indy and low-run titles and sold at conventions. Nothing major and never got around to doing Marvel or DC work (although I was offered a job at Marvel which was cool). I also worked in animation doing some features and tv shows (okay, so maybe I’m not the best web designer but I sure can put together a wicket Conan sketch). Anyways, the last few years I’ve been heavily involved in programming and while I still really enjoy it and won’t stop, my first love has always been drawing and sequential art (comics). So I’ve been getting the itch for the past few months to get back into it. I’m revamping my personal site to house all my work, some new pieces and rekindling that old flame. I’m also setting up tutorials on how to draw comics and what goes into the making of them. On top of that (whew) I’m building a comic book studio program that will allow budding artists to create, scan, draw and compose their work into a publishable form. This all with a web based comic book organizer that lets you keep track of your collection. In any case, I’m returning to comics and once I get the site up and running I’ll be doing some contract work and maybe a few conventions here and there.