Hi ho. Back from my weekend of ill-booten gotty (or is that ill-gotten booty?). Woke up and it’s -26 here. Sheesh. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to live in Canada. Although the nice thing about Calgary is that tommorow it’ll be +2 or something like that. Gotta love the power of the Chinook.

Just getting back on my Sim feet so nothing going on right now. One note that I’d like to pass along. Some smart person figured out my PayPal id and sent me some money. While this is certainly nice, I really don’t want anything for my efforts here in Simland. Trust me, there are much better things in the world to put your money towards so please don’t send anything (no this is not some reverse pyschological plea, it’s the real deal). I appreciate it but your letters of support are more than enough pay for this (and the letters from Hell are especially rewarding). Thanks.