Sheesh. I must have been smoking crack last night when I did the news post and release. I meant to say that objects now face SE insted of NE. Somehow that came out “Objects now face NE by default instead of NW”. Sorry for the confusion.

I also got one report that the patch didn’t work. I checked it against my version and it seemed okay but I’ll do some digging tonight and maybe have to put together an update to the patch (boy does that sound redundant doesn’t it? A patch for a patch).

Also just a quick note about the career information display. I have it ripping apart the CARR resources and displaying them but the information is minimal (career name, job names, description). I’ll have another update later that displays things more like the way the CareerEditor I showed you awhile back has. Then you can select individual jobs in a career and display the details (starting pay, work hours, vehicles, etc.)