Hi guys. Just a quick update about SimExplorer. I’m releasing a patch tonight (gotta love those 1 day releases huh?). This will do the following:

  • Added rotation control for viewing objects
  • Changed mask to allow viewing all file types (skins, etc.)
  • Added HTML viewer
  • Added MP3 player
  • Added more image formats
  • Added sorting by clicking on the file list headers

That’s what I have so far. We’ll see how much we get done by the end of today then I’ll release a new version and a patch (for those that don’t want to download the full fileset).

Also some people have mentioned that they’re keeping the old version until all the features are added. Well, that’s your choice but it’s like waiting for every known feature to be added to a car before you buy it. Personally I think the new one should be installed so you don’t have to do it later. Oh well, maybe that’s just me. Catcha later.