Hola! Just a couple of quick updates this afternoon. I’ve done a few numbers on the forums. Basically I’ve opened up the features of the forums so you can now have sigs, post pictures and include links in your messages. I removed the features a few months ago (or maybe it was a year ago) after things got completely out of control. So the floodgates are open again but this doesn’t give you a license to spam. Be courteous, play nice, respect the rules, and have fun. I’ve also added an Announcements forum where I’ll post whatever major announcements go on (software releases, the latest DVD I bought, whatever) and started a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) forum. These are read-only so I’m the only one that can post to them, but they should be helpful. It saves me having to maintain another page on the site so please refer to it for the latest info and any problems you might be having. As usual, I’m only human so I’m prone to mistakes, errors, omissions and freaky stuff. If you find something missing or a problem feel free to email me.