Heya. Some pretty cool stuff with the site happening over the next couple of days. I’m pretty excited about some of these things, even if they aren’t Sim related. First, I payed for a feature called BlogBack Plus. This allows me to filter IP addresses, ban users and generally handle more admin functions on the BlogBack function (where you can comment on each news post). So I’ll be keeping tabs on things which should reduce people spamming the comments and impersonating others. I know, not much of a feature for you, more an admin tool but it’s an option now. The cool thing is that I just upgraded my free Blogger to Blogger Pro. This gives me a ton of cool features on the news posts like giving you the ability to subscribe to the site and get the daily news posts in your email (actually you subscribe to a mailing list which I have to setup and the blogs are posted to it). How slick is that? You’ll also see a news title for each post added. Well, okay. Maybe I’m the only one excited here but I think it’s a neat feature and at $35/year it’s not a bad deal. Anyways, I just got going on all this stuff and getting things setup.

Also the web server is being moved around by those SimFreak freaks, so there may be some downtime through the day or into the evening. Nothing to worry about. Everything should be back to normal by late tonight/early tommorow.

Catcha later!