Hi guys. If you haven’t checked out Simposium from the news post yesterday, I suggest you give it a looksee if you’re into creating stuff for The Sims. Clive has done a great job on the program and people are starting to create new animations. Of course one of the problems is that you can’t use them in the game because objects have the name of the animation hard-wired. Well, I’m working on correcting that shortly (I feel the need to fill a gap quickly). So I’m putting together a quick app that will let you pick any object, select an animation from it and change that to whatever one you want. No, this will not let you add animations, only replace the existing ones. Much like the way some people are doing it now by hex editing the objects only this is a little safer and more user friendly. Anyways, I’ll post more info on it tommorow.

There’s also a lot of questions flying my way about a book project I was working on. Unfortunately I can’t discuss any details with you about it so please be patient. I will keep you as informed as I can about things, but some subjects are a little taboo. In any case, there’s plenty of gossip and trash to talk about around here with all the junky programs I write anyways right? See you in the forums!