Greetings blue fans. Okay, to round out the weekend I’m posting the list of new apps with a brief description of what they do. They’ll each have their own web pages coming along in the next week and will be sent off to the new testers (30 testers, not apps 😉 for regular bashing, prodding, and poking. If you have any specific questions about the apps feel free to raise them in the forums. Here they are…


Simventory is a utility that will help you keep track of all your objects, skins, walls, floors and other Sim stuff. It generates reports (based on HTML templates you can edit) that will give you complete summaries of your stuff, object information, compiled info like how many items of a particular group you have and allow you to export the whole thing to HTML pages (again using templates). Share you collections with others on the net or keep track of everything for your own creation website without having to manually enter anything. Complete information is extracted from the files but you control how much and what is put in the output. Separate reports are available for downloaded and stock content from the game. A very full featured reporting tool for The Sims.


Shotgun is a object utility program that will “rifle” through your downloaded objects, looking for any GUID conflicts and checking the resource trees in each object. Basically a object version of the Sims File Cop, it will report (and optionally try to repair) any broken files or conflicting objects. This is an essential tool if you have a lot of downloads and want to zero in on the ones that are causing you problems. Generates a short report on the objects, walls, and floors you have for reference.

Rug Weaver

In the tradition of building custom content, Rug Weaver is a utility that will let you design your own carpets and broadloom for The Sims. A simple 3D interface lets you define how large to make the carpet (from 1×1 to 8×8) and allows you to import any 2D bitmap image for the rug design. View it in a “simulated” Sim environment (complete with your own floor and wall design) to see what it would look like. Great for creating loads of new rugs with little effort!


This is an add-on toolbar for Internet Explorer, much like the Google Toolbar. It gives you quick access to popular Sim sites as well as instant access to parts of the official site (you must still be registered with The A search facility allows you to look for content right inside the main Sims sites out there and search newsgroups and other resources allowing you to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Full customization lets you choose the features you want and the entire unit resides as a toolbar in your browser. No extra program to launch. A separate toolbar can be installed on your taskbar if you prefer.


This is, of course, the career editor I showed you a couple of months ago. It’s now HD compatible (soon to be SV compatible) and will allow you to alter the careers and jobs of your Sims. It also lets you create your own careers and 10 jobs for each one. Full backup support so you can always revert back to the “original” careers in the game. Also supports importing from other career editors. A great Sims customization tool!


I’ll be honest in that I have no idea where the name for this came from anymore. Cabins is a utility that will run through all your CMX/SKN files and convert them to their binary formats. It also does the reverse, converting binary files that the game can use to text based ones that SimShow can. Quick processing lets you flip 100 files over in a matter of seconds. Great for customizing your skins and getting them into the game. Will also check CMX/SKN and their binary equivalents for errors and allow you to change them on the fly.

There you have it. Hope that puts a smile on your face. Enjoy!