Egads! Sorry about the delay in getting the news post to you. Somehow I pulled a Rip Van Winkle and ended up sleeping most of the night. Go figure. Normally I only sleep a few hours each night (sleep is an inconvenience and there’s no way to code when I’m in la la land) but for some reason I spent most of the night doing zzzzzzzz’s. Oh well.

@home is officially dead. I can’t retrieve anything now from it (I was going in through a backdoor that my ISP had not posted publically) but now it’s gone too. My personal website is toasted so @home really is gone (instead of the gone it claimed a few months ago). All the servers are shut off and there’s nobody home @home now. I need to update a few more pages here and a few others (like the TSR Family Album site) to reflect this so your mail to me may bounce.

Also a bunch of people emailed me yesterday saying that the news posts coming to their mailboxes was looking fine. I think it’s just my email client (Outlook Express, I know, the evil Microsoft Empire rides again) that’s doing all the nasties. Stupid program but it’s the only email client that lets me read newsgroups without having to launch another program. Laziness reigns supreme. If you’re not subscribed to get my boring news delivered to your email everyday, then fill out the form below and leave a pint of blood for DNA reference. Thanks!

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