Hi guys. Over this week I mentioned Simposium a couple of times and the great work Clive has been doing. Another excellent effort is from Tom van Dijk (Mazelord) who’s been working on some great Sim programs. He just released his newest program, Script Station. Script Station is basically a script editor for The Sims, like Edith. It is still in beta phase and a lot of so-called primitives and parameters haven’t been decoded yet. There’s also a guide to SimAntics and how Sim objects work here, in early stages of course. It’s a good effort so feel free to try it out and help Tom along if you can. As to where Simposium fits in all this, with Script Station it would be possible to edit the animation names so you can swap out animations in the game. It’s not 100% user friendly so if you’re looking for a simple solution, this might not be the answer but it’s a step in the right direction.

Also an update on the email news posts. I checked the Yahoo groups online and it looks like the messages are coming through fine. They’re completely intact on the website so they were sent out that way. Mine are just getting cut off in Outlook Express for some reason. Also I’m a little offline for the next couple of days. I had to do my 6 month re-install Windows maneuver yesterday so I’m still hunting down software and re-installing everything. It’s the necessary evil when running Microsloth Winblows and having as many reboots/reinstalls as I do.