Sheesh. You think people would just relax and have a flakey or something? Silly and stupid messages come pouring into my email every day and the best of them are the ones that bitch about blueprint (or any other program) not being completed 6 months ago. Well I said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m a one man band and dance to my own beat at my own pace. No, I can’t bring on other programmers to help out and probably wouldn’t if I could. Not that I’m an ego-centric Lord of the Peons that has to be in control of everything, I just like doing this stuff myself. If that’s not good enough for you give everyone a rest and don’t back come here. It’s really that simple. You guys (you know who you are) are like the ones that protest porn movies being shown late at night on cable. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Bitching about it isn’t going to do anyone any good. Oh well, some learn, some don’t and others are just plain fodder for the net.

Anyways, status update for those that care. The next (and hopefully last) beta isn’t off to the testers yet. I’m still working on some new features that cropped up during some discussions and the export code wasn’t very happy-happy-joy-joy so I ripped it apart and cleaned it up. The nice thing is that the codebase for blueprint (weighing in at about 30,000 lines now) is pretty modular so changing the rendering/export code isn’t as much of a burden as you might think. Overall I’m pretty happy with the product right now and it should be a worthwhile upgrade from the current one. Trying to juggle the old version just doesn’t work so hence I’m not making any patches/changes to it to fix the problems. Maybe I should have instead of changing the system over like I did, but it was a decision I made awhile ago and comparing the two products I think I made the right choice. You can be the judge though. Anyways, a few buggies left but nothing major. I just have to put everything together and decide when to get it out the door. Then they’ll probably be a patch to support Sims Vacation next month (or whenever it gets released). Did I miss anything?

Another thing for the blueblog subscribers (Note to self: I have to get that put onto a page before the post scrolls off this weeks posts) is that I find some posts are not completely getting though and parts of them get chopped down. No, this isn’t creative censorship, it’s either a screw-up with Blogger, Yahoo, both or all of the above. I’ll look into it when I can and see if there’s a solution coming. Sorry about that.