Heya. First off I need to get something straight. The post from yesterday was a copy of a message from the Sims newsgroup, not my personal opinions. People probably picked up on that if they read the post here in it’s entirety, but it’s been reposted several times on various places on the net and everyone seems to have the idea that I wrote it. I didn’t nor do I completely agree with some of the things it said and I certainly don’t think you should go out and stop buying Maxis products. It was a well written letter and if it goes anywhere, all the power to those that support it.

Secondly, yes blueprint is taking my highest priority and continues to do so. These new proggies are fun little projects that have been waiting in the wings and it’s time to unveil them. There will be no delays in blueprint because of them so calm down. Sheesh. You mention you’re doing something *other* than blueprint, and everyone sicks the dogs of war on you.

Also if you’re trying to reach me on ICQ I’ve switched over to Trillian (as it supports multiple chat protocols and I have a few people on MSN that I talk to) but all my contacts appear to be offline (which is next to impossible considering the number that I have). I fear it might be more problems with Trillian as the big corporations (Microsoft, AOL, etc.) have been flexing their iron making it difficult (if not impossible) for other clients to connect to their network. Sigh. The cost of free speech.