Blergh. I had written this long winded thing earlier but as is the fate of the universe, the Javascooper stuff screwed up and left me staring at a blank screen (thanks Microsloth!) and I was too frustrated to rewrite it. I’m much better now (although pretty bagged for the evening so this isn’t going to be too coherent).

Essentially please write to me at and not to the @home address. I can’t retrieve my @home e-mail and haven’t been for some weeks now. I know, it’s mushed all over the site here as @home. I just haven’t got to changing it all.

Currently there is no simple tool for changing the real values of objects (Comfort, Hunger, etc.) Tmog only changes the catalog value, that which is displayed when you’re browsing objects in the game in buy mode. Yes, there are some tools that might be able to do the job including the handy, dandy hex editor but the real one to get this done right is of course Edith, and we’re not there just yet.

Yahoo groups is still apparently truncating the posts delivered via e-mail. The only option is to switch to another mailing list but I’m still looking for one that does “newsletter” type announcements (where users can’t post to the board but the news service can). If you have any ideas please e-mail me with them. Of course, if you’re getting this message via e-mail you won’t be reading this because the news stopped somewhere around “I just haven’t got to changing it all…”. Sigh.

Okay. That’s it. You can go away now. Really.