Okay, let’s get a little meatier here. Since goobers of people have signed up to get the news delivered to their email boxes, PDAs and however else you get your mail I might as well dribble on for awhile and make it worth your dollar (you did send in that dollar right?)

Anyways, first off there’s a new version of Simposium available on Clive’s site here. This release now has a working animation editor. The real trick is to get The Sims to recognize/use the animation, but the ability to edit/create animations is now available and from what I’ve heard is pretty good. Well done Clive!

Next, when contacting me for support I really ask very little. It’s not like I’m asking you to be the father of my devil-child or something. Just include something useful in your note or at least something I can decipher without having to refer to the dead sea scrolls. Some beauty examples of my latest cries for help (yes folks, these are real life examples, I may be witty but even I can’t make this stuff up):

where can I get this program, I mean those tools on your website http://blueprint.simfreaks.com?

Hmm. Now where did I put those tools that are on my website? Oh yeah, they’re on the website! Well, maybe they just come for the spinach salad and can’t be bothered to click on anything that vaguely resembles a link.

And my personal favorite of the week…


Yup, that’s just plain special. Remember kids, when corresponding with Unka Bil make sure the font is the biggest and ugliest one you can find on your hard drive and in the brightest color of the rainbow. At least when I get big and rich from all this great software I’m selling I can print this out (actual size of course) and paste it up at the other end of my driveway and still see it clear as day.Of course interpreting it will require other special skills and perhaps a few stiff drinks.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh on these people… hmmm. Nah! Screw that. Please people, for the love of my sanity try to compose your messages into something that doesn’t look like it was composed by a rabid squirrel? I mean, how hard is that. Oh well, back to Life 1.0.