Good morning! You know, I really shouldn’t do news posts that involve thinking before 9:00am. Yesterdays post was just chock full of spelling and grammar errors and parts of it just plain didn’t make sense. Oh well.

Today two things. First I found a pretty slick program that works like Maxis’ SimsZip. It’s called The Sims File Maid and basically lets you drag’n’drop files onto itself to unzip into your game directories. It has a few advantages over the Maxis one in that it supports more file formats and personally, I think the interface is cute. Just drag the files onto the lawn next to the maid and whooosh, off go the files. Clean and simple. I like that. You can check it out here if you’re interested in giving it a whirl.

Sims File Maid

Also, the forums have been upgraded to Gold CSC status (or whatever the term is) so no more popups! Argh that was peeving me off in a big way. Loads fast and there’s some neat features that I’ll be turning on shortly. There’s also a feature, and given the sad state of some people that post there, that I might enable. It basically puts all new users into a limbo state until you vote for them. Enough votes and he’s in and can post messages. Considering some people are just jerks and morons in the forums, this isn’t as bad an idea as it might sound. However we’ll see how things go before I enable it. It’s been pretty good in there so please make use of the forums as much as possible so I can get my moneys worth. One thing to note, they don’t seem to like frames much. I’m constantly having to refresh the page when I launch it normally on the site and most of the time I’m just staring at a blank screen. If you load the forums up into their own window, it works much better so just SHIFT+CLICK on them until I get that fixed. I’m doing a site overhaul that will remove the frames and make this problem go away.

Have a day!