Damn my feeble mind! Here I go off and get all these nifty features for the news postings (yeah I know, I’m pretty shallow) and the last few days I’ve completely forgotten about the all important title! Great new feature and here I am making posts left, right, and centre with no titles. Yes, I know. Not a shattering news event and I could have left it out but hey, it’s only bandwidth.

This weekend I’m hopefully going to get to the site to get some things finished I had planned awhile ago. I should be posting the Far specs again and hopefully get the CMX file specs up as well. I’m also looking at getting the next SimExplorer update out. It seems this is a pretty well used utility that everyone wants so I do tend to focus my efforts on it and keep it feature rich. The current version of FarEdit doesn’t correctly path the Far files and it’s been a fix I’ve been trying to get to for god knows how long. Anyways, I’m adding some new Far wizards to SimExplorer and will be phasing out FarEdit since SimExplorer provides all the functionality that it does (and much more!) so I’ll be working on that this weekend. The website also needs to change all my email references from @home to @shaw. It seems my @home account is now officially off and I’m not checking for mail on it anymore. Maybe that explains the lack of mail in my inbox lately. Also finishing up my system configuration and getting all those silly programming tools installed again. Whew. What an exciting life I lead.

Also I’m a bit of a stickler with HTML standards and conforming to them. The blueprint website is viewed by various people running IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and a variety of other browsers so having it look good for everyone is pretty important to me. If you’ve ever noticed, there’s a link at the end of the news page to the W3C HTML Validation Service. This is a free service for those that have websites to validate their HTML according to W3C standards (yes, there is a standards group for this folks). So if you’re ever in doubt, try out the service and see if you’re page(s) come up clean. It’s worth the extra time and might make you a better HTML writer in the end.