I’m always hunting around for new and interesting things and being active in the comic industry, I find some neat new stuff from time to time. This one may be of interest to all Sim creators. Bob Staake, an artist over at Planet Cartoonist, has come up with a new technique to discourage people from stealing images from websites. The concept is called CopyNo and is basically a combination of techniques to prevent people from stealing your images. For the most part, most people just right click on an image (say a skin, or a wall texture) and save the image. In IE 6 they’ve even added a small popup menu that displays some options for image files (a small floating toolbar with a save, print, etc. icon). So anything that could discourage people from taking images this way would be a good thing. True, there’s always ways around it but if you have to make them work for their theft, sometimes its enough to chase would-be image grabbers away.

The concept is easy. A pre-defined image of a big “No” symbol (like you see on No Snorting signs) which appears when a user tries to download or even mouse over an image, a link to the CopyNo site and the warm fuzzy feeling that your artwork is a little safer on the world wide webbage. Essentially the software he provides for a $20 registration fee allows you to create the HTML source for an image (or series of images) with all the legwork done on the Javascript side to provide this image protection.

People always are trying to protect their artwork with watermarking, key pixels, and all kinds of tricks. This just adds to it and does make it difficult to grab an image. So for the Sims community I would suggest looking into something like this. You can check out the details of this technique here and see it in action. Let me know if you implement it on your own sites.