Hi guys,

So it’s been a couple of weeks since they removed various body parts from me. I’ve been a slacker and doing my best imitation of couch potatoe. Now its time to get back to business. In case you’ve been living in a cave or don’t know what I’m talking about, I went into the hospital with appendicitis a couple of weeks ago and came out 10lbs and 1 appendix lighter.

I’ve been back at work since Monday, but playing catch-up for the last few days (including squeezing in a .NET developers conference from Microsoft on Tuesday). However I’m pretty much 100% again (well, about 96% now but I’m getting there). A nice large 6″ gash to show for my foibles and goobers of email and stuff to catch up on.

It’s still going to be awhile yet before I’m caught up but here’s what’s happening. I’m just getting the beta agreements out to everyone for the new programs. I was in the process of starting that when I went under the knife. I have about 800+ emails to get through at home and another 200+ at work so I’ll be wading in my inbox for some time to come. I have to get a new version of blue2 to the testers asap, but as such I keep trying to hit a moving target. It’s difficult to create a cut-off point saying “No more fixes” and pass off the version. The problem arises from the fact that I don’t want to give them a buggy program when I know what needs to be fixed, I just need to take the time to fix it. It’s a delicate balance between picking something to fix or letting go and leaving it for later. Anyways, it’s not a matter of adding new features (much) and isn’t a never-ending process. At some point I will draw a line in the sand and pass it off, I’m just not sure when at this point. In any case, it’ll get there and into where it belongs (you) soon as I can. As a side note, I finally got my Personal Learning Edition of Maya installed and it’s very slick. This of course means I’m finding some great features in *that* software that I want to incorporate into blue. Oh well, there’s always version 3. So many features, so little time.

That’s about it. I’ll be back daily now to enlighten you with what’s going on. Please try to be patient with any email responses you’re waiting for, I’m just getting through everything myself. Thanks a lot for the words of encoragement, get well soon and all that jazz. I really appreciate it!