Heya. Not much to say tonight. Me and the blue elves are still hammering, stitching and cobbling together things for the site. There’s just so much more than I had thought. I have 18 programs to maintain with pages, documentation, etc. for each. Sheesh. Quite a bit to handle with the few hours I have each night but we’ll get there. Rob & Sam, no forgiveness needed. I got the joke. The other unfortunates need to just relax and little and stop taking everything I say literally. Still Waiting, the “few days” reference was in regards to the changes on the site, not blueprint. That is still moving forward, testing, debugging, fixing and all that jazz. Glad you’re still waiting since (IMO) the wait will be worth it in the end. If not, then 100% money back guarantee. I’ll even double your money back on blueprint. Hell, double your money back on all my software if you’re not completely satisfied. Please note, Yahoo groups seems to be down today so you probably won’t get this news item delivered to your inbox. Sorry about that. Have a good evening folks.