Into the organ cremation unit, that’s where.

So judging from the 122 comments from my Resident Sims post, either I’m a popular guy or you’re wondering where the hell I’ve been for the past week. Sorry folks. On Friday morning I came early from work with stomach pains, hoping to ride them out that night only to end up in ER (not the TV show) having my appendix removed 8:00am the next morning. So I’m in recooperation mode and won’t be making many posts or doing much of anything for the next two weeks. I know you come here for my wit, my software, my incredible advancements in Sims programming (you do come for that don’t you?) but I won’t be around much.

So please mull around, say nice things about me behind my back and I’ll pop-in when I can. At this point it’s been Yak central at the blue household with Billy Boy running around in his boxers and tshirt just waiting to get better. I came home from the hospital this morning and father and rotten appendix are doing fine (at least I hope they found it a nice home). Thanks for your support!