Hi guys. I had a plan to get everything complete by today but as usual (I don’t even wanna hear it, so stop right now) time wasn’t on my site. However, to quelch all the rumors, this site is NOT going pay, subscription or otherwise. I have always made a promise to provide free Sims tools at the cost of my own time and this has and never will change. So you stop thinking about that right now too. Having said that, yes there are some major changes both to the site and the programs but I’m not going to get into it right now. Why? I don’t want to commit anything to record until everything is complete and in place. There have been hints dropped and perhaps some rumors flying around and I’ve even heard discussions about what’s going on in the chat rooms. Just give me a couple of days to get everything in sync and we’ll be good to go. Sorry about any anticipation you guys are subject to. Yes, some of this just hype but in the end, blueprint will become a great “resource” to the Sims community. Catcha later.