Yes, I’ve been silly the past day or so. Bite me.

So I was walking to work this morning in the -15F weather, thinking about todays post. A few weeks ago I announced a bunch of new programs coming shortly and as I was putting together the pages for these I discovered even more stuff that was tucked away in hard drive land. More apps that either made it to prototype stage or were just notes and screenshots of ideas I had. I did however stumble across something that was pretty close to release. With the upcoming movie release (March 15, go see it if you have nothing better to do) I thought it was appropriate.

A long time ago when I actually had time to do things, I put together what is essentially a mini-game inside The Sims. No, this isn’t an executable hack or some DLL add-on. It was created entirely with new objects, animations, sounds, etc. and yes, bless me peeps for I have Simmed, I used Edith. You start by purchasing a video game called “Resident Sims” from the electronics catalog (only 60 simoleons!). When your Sim picks up the game from a table, a menu option appears “Play Resident Sims”. This launches the game. First, you’re given a shotgun. Then a random number of zombies appear in your house. All of the external doors are locked. Your only option? Kill or be killed. The zombies will roam your house looking for food (you, your family or anything that’s remotely edible). If there are any Sims in the house they fall victim to the flesh eating zombies (complete with munching sounds) and die. You can shoot the zombies (sounds courtesy of Doom) and eventually they’ll go down, complete in a pool of blood that eventually bursts into flame and turns to ash. Sound bizzare? Yup. Sound violent? Definately.

This is not an add-on for the kids, kids but a very violent and excessively gory mess (especially after playing it for about 20 minutes as wave after wave of zombies appear). You gain simoleans with each kill so it’s not just shoot them up and clean up the mess. There’s an actual gain here to be well, gained. I basically created it (took about a month on and off) to really excercise Edith and see how far I could push the game engine. I think it’s pretty good but there are a few downfalls. It doesn’t work in downtown mode and will actually crash the game (big time and nothing I can fix about it). It’s also a little hard to end the game so you just keep shooting up zombies until you save and exit The Sims. I couldn’t figure a way out of it (yet) so it’s not something for everyone. In any case, it’ll still take me a couple of weeks to get it working again (I did it pre-HP but tested it with HD so there’s still work to be done). I’ll post some screenshots of it once I get my computer to stop barfing (I’ve lost my inbox twice this week already, thanks Microshaft!). If anyone is interested of course…