Okay I’ll fess up. Yesterdays somewhat amusing post was, of course, this years April fools joke. Hey, I have to have some fun right? It is amusing to see how many people actually fell for it and emailed me about this. There were some hints in the posting that tipped most people off. I said it would be the “next and last” then say later it is the “penultimate” expansion pack. For those of you without a dictionary, penultimate refers to the 2nd to last. And really, would Maxis ever use the word “penultimate” in a press release. In any case, it was fun and to be taken that way. See you next year and all that jazz.

BTW, there are some that were quick to pick up on the original April fools joke I posted which involved various anagrams to find a hidden URL. I posted that after I first woke up and not all my neurons were firing. After a soak in the bath, I realized it was rather silly and thought up the new expansion pack idea so I switched it. So if you were quick, you got two jokes yesterday. Hmmm… maybe that means I’m good for next year now. Anyways, back to reality and news on the development goings on around here.