Thought I would pass on some news that hit a couple of mailing lists regarding Vacation and perhaps some issues you might have with speed etc. This apparently comes from Maxis but I don’t know the source. I finally picked up a copy of Vacation today so I’ll be poking around tommorow and doing some updates to programs as well as a wealth of other goodies going on right now. Here’s the posting. Hope it helps:

“…here is a list of what I know so far and you can pass on this information:

– The Sims Vacation loads faster from .far files than .iff files. This is true.

– Lowering Hardware Acceleration will help with DirectX 8. It will not help and should hurt if you have DirectX 6 or DirectX 7.

– Turning off Anti-Virus protection will help incredibly. If your Anti-Virus Software has the option to not scan certain file types on read then setting it not to scan .iff, .bmp, .cmx, and .skn files will help.

– Though Windows XP is supported with The Sims Vacation, no changes were made specifically for Windows XP. Right clicking on sims.exe in the windows explorer, selecting properties, then the compatibility tab, and selecting Windows 98/ME compatibility will help some users.

– Avoid Zooming in and out unless needed. Changing Zoom level requires reloading all the art of the objects.

– When entering a lot, scroll around the lot first. This will cause all the art to load for the objects on the lot, The Sims actually loads the art when the object is first on the screen.”