Hi guys. Just a few more tidbits as we get things shuffled over.

First off, this site is not going pay!. It seems people keep making that assumption, even when I say no. Oh well. Can’t win them all. There will be some benefits for paying TSR members that I’ll get into another time, but the poor (or cheap) will never miss out here k? The move is taking some time to get everything in place. I basically wanted to start the new week off with the new site so I pretty much toiled and troubled all day yesterday to get that done. Of course there are still some gaps. The tutorials are not online but will be this week. All the program pages are there, but most of the new proggies that are coming from me just have descriptions. More info will be coming shortly with those as well.

Tom will be making some news posts of his own so be aware of that. Also some people have mentioned that the site is not Netscape friendly. Sigh. @#$%! browser wars again. I’ll take a look at what the incompatibilities might be and get a fix. Once some of the dust settles, I’ll get posting updates to some programs. Also in the transition, I’ve lost the login information to the old SimFreaks site (duh!) so it’s still sitting there in stasis. Once I get that I’ll put up a redirect page so people can get to the right place again.

So many tasks, so few virgin sacrifices to be made.