Hi guys. Looks like things are falling into place here. Tom made his first (and hopefully not last) news post. All the tools are online (that are completed) and the magic elves are hard at work on all the others (if a page says the download is coming soon then it means just that, emailing me asking where you can download it gets you a heartfelt empty response but nothing more). So we’re settling in pretty good.

I mentioned that I got Vacation on the weekend (did a Toys’R’Us run looking for Buffy figures and ended up grabbing Vacation on the way) and I’ve been taking a look at the changes Maxis has made. It seems with each expansion pack since Living Large, the rules get tossed out the window with regards to standards in how objects and graphics work. If you take a peek at some of the floors and walls with SimExplorer, the whole idea of Far, Medium and Near is kind of bass ackward. Also there are some resources that just don’t make sense. In addition, the graphics fall into various catagories when trying to display them (and I suppose clone them). I guess I wouldn’t mind if it was consistant, but take a look at some of the vehicles from Vacation in SimExplorer (or Tmog) and you’ll see 6 tiles that are screwed up and 2 tiles that are perfectly fine. Huh? So various things to pour through there. I do want to get an update to some tools out as quickly as possible to correct some of these problems (like a new cloner program) so hang in there. Of course this is delaying my blueprint work and some other tools again. Juggling is so much fun. Seeya!