Hi folks. I’m working hard on Career Creator 2. Currently I’ve made some nice dialog boxes for you to play with when it’s all done. Some weeks ago I was very busy making deadlines for school and such. At that time I thought things would be less tough now but nothing is less true. I’ve spent most of the day figuring out the angle of the sun with the horizon, the observer being at a random position on Earth. Boy this is hard. Next to that, I need to do something for Philosophy as well (for the real freaks: I need to find good information about Locke and Hume, especially regarding their theories about gaining knowledge by using senses – empirical it is called – and using reason. They said that only empirical knowledge is accurate and real and that knowledge acquired by using reason is only a probability. In fact you can say that you’ve seen an apple fall and that you’ve heard things and you can be told facts and things that happen, but the knowledge why this happens, which is gained by using your brains, your reason, is only a probable explanation or knowledge that is not to be taken guaranteed 100%.)

Boy I hope even the real freaks didn’t read the commented part in the last paragraph. In short, I hope to find some free hours in the next week, but it’s more a question than an answer. Being at the same site as Bil Simser has its consequences….. one of these is that I get asked “where do I find blueprint” or “how to use MenuEditor?”…. though I try to answer most depending of my knowledge of these tools (and my mood when I have to answer a real stupid question) I just hope you guys will try to use reason someday. You’re not all depending on other’s knowledge, you can figure things out yourselves, don’t you? LOL.

I’ll be offline again. I bet Bil hasn’t got lunch yet, but I’ve already had dinner here. Have a nice day!