Hiya. Thought you might be interested in this. I’ve solved most of my problems and hope to finish it within some days. After that I’ll have my beta testers handle it. Hope I can still remember whom I promised the test by MSN….. 🙂 (I forgot to write them down) but if it all goes well I might be able to release it somewhere in the beginning of May.

OK, some other thing now. I’ve just read an interesting e-mail about a new website with programs. Though the site is still being worked on (and there are some things not complete yet), it looks promising. Seems he made a nice tool for compression. Might be interesting for some people. He’s begun at some technical data as well. You can find the new site here.

Hey, I’m going to finish the Career Creator 2 now. I’ve only to make the import/export thing work fine now. The icons, chance card (those sudden transfers at the end of the career), the job data with the hours and the car they drive, the requirements, the texts in the game, it’s all done now. Do you miss something in this picture? Just suggest it by mailing to me. I’d be grateful if you see something that should be included. After all, we don’t want to wait another 2 months for Career Creator 2.1 that should cover missing features, don’t we? We want Career Creator 2 to have these features! But I hope it already does.

OK, Catcha later. Hope you have a nice day.