Rob Bennett (no relation to Tony) over at UselessCreations has put together a 3D screen saver with Spider-Man as the main character. While this may sounds like Spider hype with the movie fast approaching, the interesting thing is that Rob used The Sims as the basis for his creation. It started when Rob found a cool Spider-Man skin for the Sims. After being a little snuffed by the skin creators, he put together his own and began looking at the character file format for the 3D mesh information. It wasn’t hard to figure out so he put together a little key-frame type animation program of his own and thus his screen saver had life. I find it interesting yet another outlet has made use of The Sims. Maybe you can take the animations Rob created and put them back into the game (you’ll have to get them from him first as they’re not included in the screensaver). It would be pretty slick to see Spidey crawling around on the walls of your game. I installed the screensaver and it’s pretty cute. The animations are a little rough as Spidey looks like he’s diving into a pool (where did that animation come from??) when he leaps off a building but he does run, jump and swing around in a downtown environment. A fast 3D card is required but you shouldn’t have too many problems with it. Anyways, you can find the screensaver page here where you can download it.