Hi folks,

A little update from me. I’ve been busy this week doing some philosophy and a lot of math. Result: 44 pages about GPS and a lot of calculations in it. We had to include all calculations and information sources we had used so that adds up another 60 pages… Lucky me I did this with two other classmates.

Finally, I’ve finished Career Creator 2. I’m now working on a little tutorial to get you started. NOTE: I’m not going to release the program right now. I want it beta tested first. I’ve already got a lot of beta testers, only need to get some nice agreements out. Have to write these up as well. I’ll be having two weeks off school next weeks. So that gives me plenty of time. My plans: write a little tutorial, have you keep some thumb rules in mind, write beta test agreements, spread the tool to the testers, have them test, after testing have it released and have the careers my beta testers hopefully made online at TSR if Steve cooperates a bit. Then you have the tool and some careers you can download as well. Sounds like a plan, eh?

Just to clear some things up. Some of you used Career Creator 1. The new version will do lots more. Then the export/import format of Career Creator 1 is old and not to be used. Things Career Creator 2 will do:

· change the salary, the car, the begin and end hours

· change the amount of friends and skills needed

· change the skins and textures and accessories associated with a job (no preview)

· change the mood changes due to work

· change the names and descriptions (male and female) of the careers and jobs

· change the icons of the careers (both the large blue one as the ones in the queue)

· change the chance cards, these sudden job transfers or bonuses, the sound it plays and this text that pops up

· and all of this can be done in any language…. with a “Set All” button

· importing and exporting careers to be distributed to other people

Something you won’t be able to do is adding new careers. You can only replace existing careers. I added a career track, made the icons array larger, copied some texts etc etc… made sure the data for a new career would be there. I poked around in the Neighborhood.iff file to get Bob Newbie to do my new added career track. The Sims had him be unemployed instead of earning money. So this means we’ll be stuck with 15 career tracks, school and household chores. You’ll also not be able to change the school ‘career’. The reason: it is not the same kind of career track as the adult tracks. It works differently and would make my program a lot more complicated.

So…. Any suggestions what I should add to the new tool? I think all you need is in there. Though I’m sure the first thing everyone does is changing salary to $10.000, you should (that’s not must, but should) follow some thumb rules, guide lines regarding making careers. Haven’t made them all up yet, but these will be written in such a way that it will keep the game the way it used to be: funny, addictive, realistic, but with just that little bit of exaggeration that keeps it all cool.

Hey, catcha later!