Hi guys. Found something else that might be of interest to some. Some of you might be into the whole skinning thing. That is, creating skins (2D bitmaps) for your Sim characters. Most of you might make them in Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop, then fire up SimShow to see your work, edit, rinse, repeat, etc. etc. You might be interested in checking out a tool called Ultimate Unwrap3D. This program lets you load up the SKN file (and bitmap) and edit it in the program, showing you the results immediately. Yet another tool for your collection and if only I had enough time to write all the tools in the world. Unfortunately, it isn’t freeware and the save feature is disabled in the demo but if you want to take a look you can check it out here. Also remember to grab the Sims plug-in to load up your SKN files. Let me know how it works (and if it works, some programs claim to work with SKN files but fail miserably with the UV mappings that Maxis uses). Enjoy.