Yeah, cheap shot yesterday in a vain attempt at filling a news post. So cut me some slack. Anyways, there’s an interesting article over at Salon that talks about user created content for games and how simple mods for games has blossomed into an industry in itself. Given the amount of programs we have floating around here, I wonder why nobody talked to us but hey at least Will Wright had something to say about it:

“I was always impressed by the community that formed around ‘Quake II’ in particular,” says “The Sims” creator, Will Wright. “At some point the mod authors not only made new stuff for the game but also new tools for content … [It’s] a great example of how the hardcore fans can totally surprise you with their creativity, given the chance.”

Guess he was talking about some of the stuff we do around here with that new tools for content but again, no booby prize. Oh well. Check out the article here as it’s a pretty good read (if you’re into that sort of thing).