Hi guys. Welcome to the weekend! Just a couple more tidbits about FAR files before you start your weekend. Like I said, managing FAR files and finding the right balance of number of files vs size of FAR to get any performance boost is an art, not a science. There are too many factors (CPU, Memory, HD speed, etc.) to take into account that it’s different with everyone. Also there are some people that play around and find things worse off than they started. Others have found no reduction in loading times but better game performance. And others are finding various results. In any case, do what you think is best. If you like to play around, do so and maybe remember that you might have to back out all your changes as it might not make much of an impact. This is no silver bullet and not the answer to all your dreams, but hey that’s the fun of computers. And yes, you will gain some disk space if you do go the FAR route as having lots of little files takes up more cluster space and file entries so in the long run you do get some gain (not a heck of a lot, but some depending on how your system is setup). Thanks to Mazelord for that info.