Hi folks,

I thought, let’s keep you informed about my progress with the tools. My current plans are to finish Career Creator 2. Currently, I have a working version that edits all career information and texts in the game except those of the Chance Cards (these occur about 10-15% of the times a sim gets home, like getting $1000 for helping the boss make a deadline) and the icons. The Chance Cards stuff is definitely the hard part, but most of the algorithms are currently in place. I hope I can have it finished next week, but after that it won’t be released immediately. I’ll have it tested first and I’ll make a tutorial and some technical documentation about the file formats involved.

The export file format that will be used by Career Creator 2 and probably by Bil’s proggies will be explained so people can experiment a little when they feel like writing their own tools. This also means that the export format .CAR will be useless. That’s why we’ve put a warning at the downloads page for Career Creator (version 1) that this export format will no longer be used in Career Creator 2. The compression is not needed (you can use ZIP yourself) and it wouldn’t work well on Mac PC’s.

At any rate, I hope you’ll enjoy the new program as soon as it is released. It will work on HD (all tests are positive here) and hopefully on SV as well. I don’t have SV myself but David (Bungle at TSR) helped me on CarPortal.iff so I can still experiment.

After doing the Career Creator 2, I’ll be experimenting with this HD problem there would be regarding odd colors in Transmogrifier. Might just make a Transmodificator if I can find the problem and make a nice program for it. Next to that, I’m thinking about a sort-of family creator. In the forums, people talked about the idea. I’ll try to think up a nice program. Hope to be able to start with these things in two or three weeks. Note: I’m quite busy with school and such, so it might be possible I can’t finish Career Creator this soon. It will be released at some time, that’s something you can be sure of.

Hey, have a nice day!