Hi guys. Thought I would just mention a couple things about cloning Vacation objects. I still haven’t got my hands on a copy of the new expansion pack (or any objects from it) so this is somewhat speculative at this point, but most people confirm it in the forums. It looks like Maxis might have changed some of the limitations there were in object files. Previously, up until Vacation, all sprite channels had to be 8bit (i.e. 256 colours). When you clone this, you basically copy the bytes (knowing that they’re a fixed size). So as long as the sprite channel doesn’t change size and you can handle any colour depth, all is good in Whoville. It looks like they’ve changed that with Vacation as some objects seem to have 32bit (16 million colours) in them. At the very least, some people are having some cloning problems with the tools out there. The images come out grainy or messed up. This might be the colour depth or perhaps some palette problems. In any case, I don’t see any updates for Tmog anytime soon on this. As soon as I can get my hands on an original Vacation object however, I’ll update my own cloning routines and put out a new stand-alone version of my ObjectCloner. This will support Vacation objects as well as adding multi-tile objects (I only put support for single tile objects in since the tool was meant to be used by blueprint which is single tile only). So watch for that soon as it’s on my short list now. I think this has some priority if people have to jump through hoops to clone some objects.