Hi guys.

A couple things for my update today. There was one planned update and one unplanned and as of 11:01 PM tonight (that’s now) I haven’t done either. There are some VB (Visual Basic) modules that Judson Hudson has provided which will give programmers access to IFF files so you can do your own tweaking. This should help people write new utilties for The Sims if you know VB. Anyways, I’ll get those online tommorow hopefully. I haven’t had time to look them over yet and get some (informal) documentation around them.

I’ve sent out all the beta test agreements for all the new apps that I’m writing (yes, it’s taken a long time yell at my appendix if it still bothers you) so now that the agreements are out and we’re just finishing up the new bug tracking database (I had to modify it to handle all the new apps) we should get going shortly with that.

Lastly, both Tom and I recieved a Sims Oscar award that we’ll be adding to the contacts page (or perhaps making an “awards” page but those are so ego-centric). I’m a little confused though because I thought the awards were already over in February and I won 2nd place or something. Now I got the gold award and Tom the silver. Oh well. Praise is praise. Feel free to send us any more awards you feel are deserved (or money if you really want to impress us). Seeya!