I’m proud to announce the next expansion pack for The Sims. Here’s the press release:


The Sims: Unlimited Adventures will be the name of the next Sims expansion pack and this time, we really mean unlimited.

Hot on the heels of the previous expansion packs, Living Large, House Party, Hot Date, and Vacation is the next and last expansion pack for Maxis’ runaway success game, The Sims. The Sims: Unlimited Adventures is a complete rewrite of the previous game and now incorporates all of the great suggestions the fanbase has been asking for.

User Definable Careers

Complete editing facilities for careers, jobs, cars, and suits is included in this expansion pack making your game completely customizable.

Multiple level homes

The barriers are broken down now and homes can be designed with a basement, 1, 2 or 3 story attatchments. Merge attatchments together to form skyscraper buildings. The possiblties are endless and only limited by your processor speed and memory.

New Objects

Over 1,000 new objects have been hand picked for you to enjoy in this penultimate expansion pack that will give you hundreds of hours of replayability.

New User Definable Areas

Tired of taking your Sims on a vacation or shopping downtown? With the Sims SDK you can create your own user definable areas. Make an amusement park, or a nudist colony or anything you can dream up. The choice is yours.

More Tools

With the release of this expansion pack we are including a special tool. Through a deal with Bil Simser of Calgary, Alberta we’re creating a new tool that combines the power of Edith, the modeling features of blueprint and the organization features of SimExplorer to create a new program called Archie. This tool will allow you to create brand new content, scripts, sounds and animations for The Sims. Don Hopkins also provides some add-on features for character animation tools to bring you the most complete toolset any game has. With it you’ll be able to create your own add-on packs, levels, skins, and other content. Share it with your friends. The new user friendly interface allows anyone who can click and drag the ability to create new features.

This expansion pack requires the orignal “Sims” game to play.

Watch for The Sims: Unlimited Adventures coming in Q4 2002 to a retailer near you. Suggested manufacturers retail price: $89.99 US