Huh? What happened? This doesn’t look like Kansas anymore.

Well it’s not. Nope, we’re now situated at The Sims Resource and with a few changes. Pretty nifty huh? SimFreaks was a great host and unfortunately we outgrew our home there. My thanks go out to Heather and her continued support with our site. Thanks Heather! And now, onto our new home. You’ll notice a few radical changes.

First the layout is that of the TSR members site. Thanks to the graphical wizards at TSR, they came up with a nice clean interface that I liked and looks good along side the TSR site. Second, you might notice that there are a few more people than just me here. Please join me in welcoming Tom van Dijk to the site. Tom brings along his programming experience as well as a half-dozen programs of his own like IFF Pencil, Strings Scavenger and Animation Alchemist. We are slowly making this site a powerful force to be reckoned with in The Sims community. Tom will maintain his old site hosted at He’s work on his beta programs over there for the time being. The production releases will be hosted here.

Well, hope you enjoy the new digs. There are many, many things to come in the next while so sit back and enjoy.