Hi dear visitors,

I’ve worked for 3 months, but now it’s finally finished: Career Creator 2. It took a long time to program everything from scratch (remember I lost all source code of Career Creator 1) but the result is better than I imagined. The program is capable of doing many interesting things:

– change job and career information.

– change Chance Cards: bonuses, job transfers, and such.

– modify the icons of the career tracks (like the tank for the Military Career).

– import and export careers to exchange with your friends and fans.

– backup careers whenever needed (like when installing an expansion pack).

– works with FAR files, so there’s no manual extracting needed anymore.

– when CarPortal.iff can’t be found (which shouldn’t happen), the problem is simply ignored!

That’s just a summary of its functionality. Documentation is included in the download. It includes a tutorial (a need to read) and so-called thumb rules when creating careers. I’ve written these thumb rules so you have a few guidelines when making careers. When you’ve finished one, you can upload them to The Sims Resource, as a new category will be up very soon.


Tom van Dijk.