Hi folks….

some interesting things today. First off, I’ve just sent out the beta agreements for my dear beta testers who are going to test Career Creator 2. I still need Bil to set up some forum but well… do we need one? As long as there are no bugs 😎

Well well well…. I’ve got some bunch of email lately… most are from people thinking I’m Bil.. these ask questions like “When’s Blueprint out?” (it’s already out),. “How does Blueprint work?” (I don’t know) and “Why does Blueprint crash?” (it does randomly for me, but that’s because I have only 100 MB free or so). Anyway… lately I’ve gotten quite a lot of games! Yeah, it seems are world is flooding with new programmers who like sending ME their “first new game” (or alternatively, some sexy pictures of their girlfriend) … of course there are one or two attachments containing viruses as well… OK one thing at a time.. NEVER open a “.PIF” attachment and if you see one, you know almost for sure it’s a virus. And if someone sends you a file *WITHOUT* noticing first ask him before opening it (even if it’s Script Station 2 which doesn’t exist).

Anyway, the new virus is Klez-E. Information about Klez-E:



Now up to another topic. If you ever feel the need to kick me or Bil, you don’t need to come over to our place. Do it in your dreams! I’ve just found this cute site which helps people controlling their dreams… it seems possible, I’m currently trying out myself but I can’t even remember any dreams I dream so I wouldn’t even notice I would’ve controlled a dream anyway. This technique is called “Lucid dreaming” and information about it can be found right here (http://LD4all.com or http://www.xs4all.nl/~pasquale/TTM/1/index.html). It seems you can just imagine someone or something standing in front of you and it appears (in your mind of course). Then you can imagine a nice hammer or what and smash all ye like. Unfortunately there are no photographs of me one this site :> You can’t imagine me :> But you can imagine Bil of course 🙂 grin. If you are interested, just go to this site and you’ll see. If you get any results, just drop me a line 🙂